TIMe Well Spent

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Shoot OUT at Sevier Park Community Center! I wish I had more pictures to show because this was a very fun day today from, eating at B & C BBQ, to watching Mr. D and the kids out shoot him in basketball (sorry Mr. D). It was a great time even considering that today was one of my last days here at CBTP CoC Disaster Relief Center. I will miss getting to know the students and miss the joy they brought everyday to work. Not only the students but people like Mrs. I, Mrs. Tiffany, and Mr. D have been great friends and co-workers why I was here at CBTP. I am proud to say that I was part of this program and enjoyed seeing the students work hard and always accomplish more than what was asked!






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Jason Cole, an employee at DRC, drew pictures of superheroes on boxes for the students.  We’re very blessed to have such support from the employees at DRC.  Thanks again Jason! You made their day!!

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My First Week in CBTP

I spent this week in Mr. D’s program subbing for Mr. Tim who just got married.  It was my first experience with CBTP.  I just retired after teaching Life Skills at Hillsboro High for 12 years.  I couldn’t have asked for a better week!


These students are the best group of kids ever, and Mr. D is wonderful with them!  Ms. I is amazing with them also and keeps things running smoothly.  We worked at DRC, Bateman, and Walgreens.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to spend the week with you.

Sally Daniel

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End of Another First Week

Although there were some transportation issues, we did have a few students that managed to make it to school to enjoy the first week. We welcomed one of our new students, Sam, and hosted a few of our returning students, John and Ethan, for the two days of this week. The students did some work and also had some fun with bowling this afternoon! We hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Welcome Back to the 2016-2017 School Year!

We are so excited to begin another school year at the Disaster Relief Center! We are looking forward to meeting the new students and becoming reacquainted with the students who will be returning to the classroom. This year we are looking at making a few changes to get the students prepared for the world that they will be entering. The beginning of the school year will be a bit different as one of our team members will be out to complete part of their student teaching requirements. The person filling in for Mrs. McDaniel will be someone that the students already know and love, Mrs. I. We cannot wait to see what this year has in store!

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The General Jackson Showboat

Friday marked the end of another fun week with the students. We enjoyed our annual cruise on the General Jackson, rain and all! Although the ride was wet throughout the entire day, we did not let that stop us from enjoying the ride and the time that we had with our friends. We had guests of all sorts… the principal, Nick Wilson and his wife, two members of the staff at Southern Hills hospital, Theresa and Christy, one of the substitutes who has made our class part of her family Mrs. Irini (Ms. I as the kids know her) as well as her family. Additionally the Fuson family, Morgan one of our Best Buddies, Mrs. Shelton who works with MTA travel training, Mr. Altieri from the Board of Education, and some of our friends that work with Vocational Rehab joined as well. After a while of enjoying the scenery on the ride downtown, we were lucky enough to enjoy lunch and a show, which included our very own MR. D!!! Mr. D was a good sport and sang along with the lead in the show. Although there are still a few days left of school, the days are going to be too short. Another school year has come to an end…Until August, have a great summer!

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Fire Station 21 and Chuck E Cheese

Our day started with some of the nicest men, and woman, at our local fire station. One of our students loves firemen, but the entire class loved getting the opportunity to explore the station, trucks, and living quarters for the firemen. I loved seeing how happy the students were and we are extremely grateful for their kindness as well as their service.

The second part of our day was the surprise from Ms. Janet Collins that works for Southern Hills Medical Center. She treated the students to lunch and games at Chuck E Cheese. The students had lots of fun playing games and eating pizza! Tomorrow we close out fun week with our annual trip on the General Jackson Showboat!

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